Sunday, December 10, 2017

David Hand Ephemera

David Hand (1900-1986) was the Supervising Director on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Walt Disney was always the one in charge of the motion picture, but David was next in command. Organized and to the point, he got people to do what was needed, especially during the controlled chaos that was the Disney Studio during that final year of production on the film. He was 37 years of age when Snow White premiered.

In this excerpt from John Canemaker's book, Walt Disney's Nine Old Men and the Art of Animation (Disney Editions 2001, p.21), we get a little insight into Hand's directorial style. Animator Les Clark is introduced to David's temper.

David worked for the Disney Studio from 1930-1944. In July of 2014, Heritage Auctions listed this group of ephemera that once belonged to him. It included three hand-signed identification cards from: 1931-32 (also signed by Roy Disney), 1934, and 1942 (photo ID).

The auction also featured an inter-office company memo dated May 3, 1938. It was a notification of David's "Snow White Adjustment Compensation" for all his long hours of work on the project. His bonus totaled $5000. Not bad at all for 1938!

Images via Heritage Auctions.

Read the excellent 1973 interview with David by Michael Barrier at his website:

Coloring Book Cover Artwork

In June of 2013, Heritage Auctions offered this original artwork for a Snow White coloring book. The listing read as follows...
Beautifully illustrated cover for an unknown Snow White edition, possibly unused. The ornate lettering is similar to the opening title in the film, leading us to believe this is from the time of the original Disney movie. Gouache on illustration board measuring approximately 8.25" x 11".

We haven't yet come across a coloring book that utilized this artwork; it is possible that the design was never used.

UK Snow White "Easy to Play" Piano & Organ Songbook

Snow White Easy-To-Play Piano or Organ Selection. Features eight songs, 20 pages (including cover). Published by Chappell & Co., Ltd. in London. Copyright Bourne Inc. Disney illustrations by permission Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse, Ltd. Authorized for sale only in Great Britain. Circa 1940s.

Front and back covers.

Title page.

Sample pages.

Image scans courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

1938 UK Snow White Piano Selection Songbooks

Snow White Piano Selection songbook. Compilation of songs; total of 11 pages. Published by Chappell & Co., Ltd. Copyright Irving Berlin Inc. Illustrations by permission Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse Ltd. Printed in England 1938. Price 2/6 net.

Image courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

Sample page: Some Day My Prince Will Come.

I'm Wishing.

Back cover.


Individual songbooks were also produced for all of the numbers. Each priced 1/- net.