Saturday, August 30, 2014

Early Animation Cel - Snow White Too Risqué?

A production cel featuring a very early rendition of Snow White went up for sale this past month at the Massachusetts-based RR Auction. Created circa 1935, she is shown in a long pink dress with a blue bow in her hair--quite possibly the earliest example of a Snow White production cel ever.

Cel images via RR Auctions.

For nearly 80 years, the piece belonged to the family of Grim Natwick. Grim was one of the two main animators of Snow White, the other being Hamilton Luske. Before coming to Disney to work on the film, Natwick was employed by Fleischer Studios where he was the original animator of Betty Boop. The similarities are quite evident.

The full animation cel is complete with peg holes and a cel number at the bottom right; it's not to be mistaken for a color model. Image measures 5" x 2.25", with overall dimensions of 12.25" x 9.75".

Strong disagreements occurred between the two animators and in their vision of how Snow White should be portrayed. Of course the final decision was Walt Disney's, who...
...changed this design of the princess because he felt it was too ‘cartoony’—too risqué and reminiscent of Betty Boop—to be used for final production in a more serious film.
Bobby Livingston, Exec VP at RR Auction.

Comparison shots via the Mirror.

The auction bidding ran from August 14-21, 2014. The cel sold for $4,239.73. Special thanks to The Disney Freak for the notice on this one.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Snow White Banner on Disney Studio Lot

The photo below was snapped earlier this month by 1937fan from Whistle While We Blog. The large banner hung over the entrance to the Main Theatre on the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank. In the lower left corner it reads, "Snow White - Premiered 1937".

The Disney Main Theatre is located directly across from the old animation building, down the street from the 'Dopey Drive" sign. The lot is not open to the general public, but exclusive D23 fan functions have been held here.

The banner above the theatre entrance changes annually. Over the last few years, 1937fan attended several events and witnessed firsthand the giant artwork. Fantasia was seen in 2010, Pinocchio in April 2012 and May 2013, and Snow White August 2014.

Special thanks to 1937fan for sharing her photos and information on these Disney Studio banners.

UPDATE: On September 12, 2014, the giant banner was updated again, this time to Frozen.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snow White Vinylmation Jr. Keychains

Half the size of the regular Vinylmation figures, the Vinylmation Jrs. are just 1.5" tall. The first of the Snow White-themed characters appeared in 2010, with more to follow. Each has an attached keychain which, if desired, can be removed by simply unscrewing from the top of the head. Sold at the theme parks and online at the Disney Store.

Vinylmation Jr. Series #2:

"Snow White" issued June 18, 2010. Artists: Thomas Scott and Maria Clapsis. Original retail price $8.95. Unofficially referred to as the "color block" series, it features designs inspired by famous color combinations. Snow White, of course, is represented by her blue, yellow, and red.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Chip and Dale are the chasers in this set.

Disney Store Item No.7511002521050P.

Each figure was sold separately in a blind box, sealed inside the manufacturer's foil bag.


Vinylmation Jr. Series #6:

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" issued April 20, 2012. Artists: Thomas Scott and Alex Maher. Retail price $9.95 each. A total of 18 figures: Snow White, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, Evil Queen, Magic Mirror, Prince, Huntsman, Raccoon, Turtle, Bluebird, Deer and two mystery chasers--Old Hag and Rag-Dress Snow.

Set image via rgbplus.

The designs are quite impressive.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002524328P.

The two chasers.

Chaser images via chasing vinylmation.

Even the box artwork was nicely done.

The series was on display at the Disneyland Emporium; photo from July 2012.

Emporium images courtesy of Tokyo Magic! of Meet the World.


Vinylmation Jr. Pairs Series #2:

"Dopey" issued April 27, 2012. Artist: Maria Clapsis. Retail price $16.95. Two-piece set includes Dopey and pop art design. Open window packaging.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002524314P.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'World of Disney' Store Banners

On a visit to Walt Disney World this past May, I snapped these photos of the princess banners on display in the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney.

Just a few years ago, this same upper wall area was covered with several larger banners featuring a few of the prince and princess couples together. Snow White was one of them.

These larger banners were replaced with the narrower solo portraits, which has allowed space for more of the princess characters to be included.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

2012-2014 Snow White 3" Vinylmation Figures

In an earlier post, we saw the 2008-2011 Snow White 3" Vinylamation figures. Today we look at 2012-2014.

Animation Series #2:

"Dopey" issued January 13, 2012. No card. Artist: Monty Maldovan. Retail $12.95.

Disney Store 25th Anniversary Series:

"Grumpy" issued May 28, 2012. No card. Artist: Jim Valeri. Retail $9.95. Special "light-up" base.

Robot Series #3:

"Grumpy Bot" issued November 19, 2012. No card. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $12.95.

Several reputable Vinylmation sites state that Enrique Pita was the artist for this figure, but Gerald Mendez's name is clearly stamped on the bottom. Unless Disney screwed up somehow during the manufacturing process, we're gonna say this is a Mendez piece.

Animation Series #3:

"Grumpy" issued April 12, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $12.95.

Disney Store Item No.7511002529792P.

Mystery Bakery Series:

"Doc", "Dopey", "Grumpy" issued July 12, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $12.95 each. Cupcake figures with frosting-shaped head masks.

Although these were sold in clear window packages, the identity of the character was still unknown until the frosting mask was removed.

Disney Store Item No. 7511002529813P.

Behind the Mask Series #2:

"Evil Queen" issued July 18, 2013. No card. Artist: Gerald Mendez. Retail $10.00. Limited edition released at the San Diego Comic Con. Remove the mask and the Old Hag is revealed.

The original packaging had a narrow slot through which the buyer could see which character was inside.

Artist Gerald Mendez holding his Evil Queen while at the SDCC.

13 Reflections of Evil Series:

"Evil Queen Daisy Duck" issued September 13, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $16.95 each. Limited edition released at Epcot's Reflections of Evil trading event.

Clear window packaging.

Animation Series #4:

"Sleepy" issued December 13, 2013. No card. Artist: Ron Cohee. Retail $12.95.

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880050P.

The whole tray of 24 boxes with the entire Animation 4 Series. Retail $310.80.

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880051P.

In addition to the regular individually boxed figures, a special combo-package was sold featuring a visible King Louie on top, plus one of the other figures inside. A drawing of a singing Snow White is seen on the side of the box. Retail $24.95.

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880046P.

Animation Series #5:

"Doc" issued today, August 22, 2014. No card. Artist: Alex Maher. Retail price $12.95; $207.20 per case.

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880178P. 

Disney Store Item No. 7511055880179P.

Stock images copyright Disney.
Additional images via vinylmationpark.

The Snow White figures don't stop here. The Vinylmation Jr. series measures in at just 1.5" tall. Plus there's a matching pin collection too. If you want more, look up the custom Vinylmations online; they add a real one-of-a-kind uniqueness to the whole ensemble.