Sunday, July 23, 2017

Snow White Kids Backpack

Currently available online at the Disney Store is this 2017 Snow White school backpack for kids. Measures 16" high x 12" wide x 5" deep. Zippered compartments and exterior mesh pockets. Interior Snow White ID label. List price: $24.95. Top of bag can be personalized up to 10 characters (additional $5.95).

Item No. 2725047150973P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Snow White Rubber Ball from Greece

Several examples of air-filled rubber balls produced in the 1990s by Star in Greece. Snow White decal on each. Dimensions: approximately 26 cm / 10" across.

Images via vintagemania10.

Two-Color Disney Decals

A series of two-color (blue and red) decals were produced featuring Disney characters. Don't know much about these except what we see here. They measure approximately 1.5" x 2.25" and were issued on sheets of backing paper. Each includes the character's name and the "© Walt Disney Productions" imprint. Snow White and the dwarfs were part of the collection, along with Mickey Mouse and probably others. It's possible these were premiums for a product promotion, such as breakfast cereal or bread. Not sure of the date, maybe 1970s.

Images via artdiva510.

Assorted Snow White Sticker Sheets

Not sure of the exact dates on these, but we'll make a few guesstimates.




Images via 80s_rock_star.

See another sticker sheet (from the 1990s) in an earlier Archive entry as well as a Golden Giant Sticker Book.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Snow White In School VHS Program

This Walt Disney Home Video VHS tape features a Snow White "In School Program" that was used as a teaching tool in younger classrooms. It is titled, "Working Together Works Wonders." Narrated by longtime Disney voice actor Mark Elliot.

The tape is not dated but does feature the Sorcerer Mickey Home Video logo at the beginning. This was used from the mid 1980s until 2001.

Mark Elliot informs us of five lessons we can learn from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story. They emphasize believing in yourself and cooperating with others.

The video uses clips from the motion picture to teach these five lessons. After each one, students are encouraged to think of how these have come into play in their own lives. A classroom discussion is encouraged.

Special thanks to Sonny Mikszath from Sweden for letting us know about this tape and for sharing info and images from his collection.

Stephen Ison - Inside Collector Magazine

Well-known Snow White collector Stephen Ison is featured in the December 1994 edition of The Inside Collector magazine. Learn more about Stephen and his collection in an earlier interview post.

Image scans generously provided by William Stillman.

1947 New York Graphic Society Lithos

In 1947, four limited edition lithograph portfolio prints were published by the New York Graphic Society. Two featuring Snow White and two Bambi. They were available in three different sizes.

Good Friends, All!

Snow White's Last Call for Dinner

Snow White lithos courtesy of the Kevin Hicks Collection.

Bambi Meets His Forest Friends

Forest Secrets, Told by Thumper to Bambi

The set of four lithos are included on p.199 of the 1974 Disneyana book by Cecil Munsey. The author lists the original 1947 prices and sizes: 10" x 12" ($1.00), 15" x 18" ($2.00), and 20" x 24" ($4.00).

The four original watercolor paintings for these lithos went up for auction in 2014 by Profiles of History. Each measures 23.25" x 19.5".