Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Grumpy Holiday Tee & Accesories

"Light on Cheer" Grumpy t-shirt. Appeared online at Disney Store in September 2017. Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Retail $22.95.

Item No. 5620045532159M.

In November, this pair of Grumpy socks was listed online. Comes inside clear plastic Mickey icon head ornament. Opens in half and snaps together. Retail $9.95.

Item No. 2721047482281M.

Matching Cufflinks. Enameled metal cloisonné. Set of two. Retail $65.95.

Item No. 3227057020293P .

Theme Park "Animated Classics" Ornament Discs

Disney's Animated Classics ornament disc series was sold at the US theme parks. The collection spotlighted each of the feature-length animated films, including Snow White (of course). Porcelain. Diameter 2.5". Original retail $8 each. Made in Thailand. Probably dates from 1990s.

A few of the others in the series.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

1960 Ceramic Watch Figurines by Wales

Snow White figurine. Hand-painted glazed ceramic. Measures approximately 5" tall. Imported from Japan by Wales. Manufacturer's foil sticker often found on bottom along with another that reads, "© 1960 Walt Disney Productions". These figures were sold in conjunction with the Ingersoll character wristwatches (seen in an earlier Archive entry).

A few examples.

The series also included Cinderella, Alice, Mickey and Donald, all pictured in a 1960 Bingham catalog. Original retail price $6.95.

  A two-page color ad from a 1962 publication.

1960s Enesco Snow White Figurine Set

In the 1960s, Enesco created a legion of Snow White glazed ceramic figurines that were made in Japan. Each is bottom-marked, "© Walt Disney Productions" and usually includes a foil Enesco sticker or a "Japan" sticker. Some still have their character name tags too. Snow White is approximately 5.5" tall. The dwarfs around 4.5".

These figurines, along with a boatload of other Enesco products, appeared in the Merchandise Supplement to the 1967 Snow White pressbook.

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