Sunday, May 28, 2017

Disney's Fairy Tales to Color, Whitman No. 1001-2

Snow White is pictured with Fifer Pig on the cover of Walt Disney's Fairy Tales to Color. Whitman Publishing, no. 1001-2. A Mickey Mouse Club book. Original retail 49¢. Measures 8" x 11". The coloring pages include four stories: Snow White, Bambi, Peter and the Wolf, and The Three Little Pigs. "© Walt Disney Productions."

Image via goldeneggvintage.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

2016-17 runDisney Dwarfs Shirts

runDisney is a series of themed races held at the Disney parks that include marathons, half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, and kids races. A couple of runDisney shirts have been offered at the parks and online at the Disney Store to commemorate the events.

Listed May 2017, Sleepy, Happy, and Grumpy performance tee for women. Synthetic stretch polyester fabric. Retail $39.99.

DS Item No. 7505057370386M.

September 2016, Happy Tank Tee. Stretch performance polyester fabric. $49.99.

DS Item Nos. 7505055890775M + 7505055890774M.

Loungefly Pencil Cases & School Bags

2017 pencil cases and school bags by Loungefly. Fabric: polyester. Seen online at Hot Topic. Pencil cases measures 8" x 4.5". SRP $10.90. School bags 11.5" x 17". SRP $50.90.

Images copyright Hot Topic/Disney.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Snow White "Magical Collection" Action Figures by Tomy

Japanese toy manufacturer, Tomy, produced the Disney Magical Collection figures, circa early 2000s. The series featured a variety of Disney characters including Snow White, the Prince, Queen, Witch, and Seven Dwarfs. Sold in individual blister packs, each came with different accessories such as the poison apple, magic mirror, jewels, animal friends, mine tools, and mine carts. The plastic figures have different points of articulation: arms, legs, head. They're freestanding but also have an attachable round display base.

Snow White - 001. Measures about 9.5 cm (3.8") high. Note that in first photo, a red apple logo label is seen along the lower front of the package. In the second example, it's a silver apple, plus a "100 Years of Magic" sticker adorns the front.

Additional Snow image courtesy of Mikey Walters.

Prince - 002. Measures approximately 10 cm (4") tall.

Witch - 003. Poison apple fits in the palm of her hand.

Happy - 004. The dwarfs measure around 5.5cm (2.2").

Grumpy - 007

Queen - 012. Approximately 10 cm (4") tall. Magic Mirror accessory.

Additional Queen image courtesy of Mikey Walters.

Sleepy - 020

Sneezy - 027

Bashful - 032

Dopey - 038

Doc - 043

Video reviews posted by collector The101genco...

Tomy also created a special series entitled Villains in Black. The Queen is no. R05. Dressed all in black, she's looking pretty cool! Her Magic Mirror is framed in black as well.